How to Reduced Weight after Childbirth

In general, women will feel disturbed by their weight when pregnant. Most women get at least 7 pounds of fat during pregnancy. These fats are meant to help women save energy while breastfeeding. Weight loss after delivery will depend on several factors. Among them, genetics, diet, exercise or overall health. Most women will return to weight before becoming pregnant within nine months after delivery if they follow regular exercise programs and eat healthy after childbirth. But some are not. Every woman is different, and some women simply do not gain much weight during pregnancy. However, weight loss should be sought after pregnancy, not during pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman should strive to gain weight because it is healthy for the baby and her baby. It is important for a woman to make sure she has enough nutrition for herself and her child when she is pregnant.

Here are some ways you can do to reduce excess weight after giving birth

1. Give milk to the baby through your breasts as early as possible
This is a powerful way to lose weight after giving birth. While many consider it rather annoying especially for working moms, breastfeeding your child can bring many benefits to you and your child. Actually, it is recommended that you start early. There are extensive studies that reveal that women who fail to breastfeed feed their children gain more weight and have a faster rate of weight gain than those who breastfeed.

2. Not to Consume junk food
In addition, there is no benefit at all for your body and your baby, junk food will also make you gain weight increases. Transfer your food to vegetables and fruit. Consumption of fat and protein is also needed but not in large quantities. Vegetables and fruit will also increase your milk production. Surely it will also nourish your baby. Continue reading

How to Remove Stretch marks

What are stretch marks?
Stretch marks are a very common problem, very common with pregnancy but can occur in many areas of the body. Tens of thousands of people have thick red scarring lines and greatly affect individual beliefs. Stretch marks are a sign that is caused by your skin due to excessive weight loss or weight gain in a short period of time. Stretch marks can begin to appear at the puberty stage. Whenever a person’s growth rate is higher than normal, the underlying tissue of the skin is stretched to a higher extent. This causes stretch marks on the body.

Although pregnancy is the most commonly associated factor in getting stretch marks, men are also at risk by undergoing exercise routines, bodybuilding, and also weight loss. The more you lose or gain weight, they can be there in your body. Most bodybuilders tend to get stretch marks on their bodies; This is due to the rapid growth of muscles associated with bodybuilding. Continue reading

Better Healthy for Busy Woman

The more you are busy on the job, the demands of work, children, and personal needs, the more difficult it is to find time to pay attention to what you eat. Yet from the food, you get the energy and power to ward off disease.
Here are tips for healthy living for busy women.
1. In the morning, you can drink orange juice with extra calcium. Calcium content can relieve high blood pressure and osteoporosis. Or can be added to multivitamins that have high enough benefits. Those who consume minerals supplements or multivitamins regularly every day have a lower risk of heart attack or cancer.
2. Breakfast with cereal. That means that you get a lot of fiber content even though eating in small portions. Placing enough water before leaving for work is great for extra minerals in the body. Mineral deficiency causes you to tire easily, lack concentration and headaches.
3. Bring a fresh apple. Apples can replace snacks as healthy snacks rather than having a snack on the street carelessly.
4. Lunch at the office. You can bring lunch for lunch in a well-prepared office from home. But if you want fast food, try to choose pizza. With a record, multiple tomato sauces and reduce cheese. Tomato sauce made from fresh tomatoes is believed to reduce the risk of cancer.
5. Homework, if you are stuck in traffic when you feel hungry, you can stop by the nearest supermarket or restaurant. Order some foods that can give you extra energy to go home. You can choose to buy whole wheat bread. Choose a “whole wheat bread”. This bread contains lots of fiber. You can also order desserts such as blueberries, strawberries that are rich in fiber and antioxidants.
6. Before bedtime. You can close the day by consuming non-fat hot chocolate. Because chocolate contains antioxidants higher than the. After you brush your teeth, drink back the white water to neutralize the food you have consumed today.

Breast pumping at work

Being a working mother certainly has many consequences. One is about how to go to work but still be able to provide breast milk to our baby. It’s no easy matter. It takes hard work and great patience. There are many things that we must prepare other than mental of course. Bringing milk pumping equipment is one way to solve the problem. Here are the things to watch out for to prepare.
First, the equipment consists of:
– Milk pump
– Plastic or bottle to store milk
– Ice in gel form
– Special bags that can withstand cold or heat
– Tissues
– Hand or antiseptic cleansing fluid
Second, how to pump breast milk
– Find a clean and closed place
– Wash hands thoroughly beforehand
– Take a relaxed position
– Put the pump on the breast properly
– Start pumping slowly but surely
– Imagine our cute baby’s face, it can make our milk come out swiftly.
Third, keep our pump results correctly
-know the milk in a special plastic
Close tightly
– If stored in a special bag along with ice gel, milk can last about 7 hours
– Immediately enter into our refrigerator freezer when it is home
Finally, how to provide breast milk that has been frozen in infants
– Put the frozen milk at room temperature
– We can use the microwave to warm up
– We can also soak it in hot water until the milk melts.
– Immediately give milk that has melted on the baby
By always pumping breast milk, we can calm down in working without having to worry about the baby we live at home. However, the provision of breast milk is very important for the baby’s growth and growth of intelligence. In addition to patients, mothers also need support from the work environment. A good working environment definitely provides an adequate place for nursing mothers.

First Menstruation

Some time ago, our first daughter Nay complained of pain in her stomach. At that moment he just lay down holding his stomach. I was a bit worried but tried to calm down. While persuading her to be patient, I promised her to see the doctor this afternoon.
Until daytime he went into the bathroom to urinate, he screamed while crying. Nay says there’s blood in his underwear. It was then that I realized my daughter had just gotten her first period. My beautiful girl is growing up.
it is important for parents, especially mothers to provide a clear understanding of menstruation so that young women are better prepared and confident when it comes to menstruation for the first time.
For those of you who have never experienced menstruation, pay close attention to what should be prepared when the menstrual cycle begins to visit.
5 Signs that Spawn during First Menstruation
In general, girls will experience first menstruation at the age of 11-14 years although it can happen before or after that age, depending on the maturity of the reproductive system and hormonal conditions.
For girls aged 10-11 years, should have gained an understanding of the signs or symptoms commonly experienced before menstruation, such as the following:
1. Physical signs of menstruation
Some of the physical signs that are commonly experienced before menstruation include enlarged breasts and the growth of fur around the organs of femininity.


This condition can serve as an early sign of menstruation that will be experienced by girls.
Usually, such physical signs are experienced about 2 years before menstruation first.
2. The emergence of mucus
In general, breast enlargement in female children is also accompanied by the emergence of mucus from female organs, which occurs about 1 year or 6 months before experiencing the first menstruation.
3. Hormonal Changes
Hormonal changes commonly occur before menstruation, and this can be characterized by psychotic conditions that tend to be moody and emotional.
When you experience this, multiply the anticipation by knowing which hormones are influential during menstruation.
4. Lower Belly Pain
Before menstruation, a woman will experience pain in the lower abdomen as a result of uterine muscle contractions.
Sometimes the feeling of hurt is following with a sore on the waist and pelvic area.
Symptoms STDs are also often complained about before menstruation, although each woman may have different intensities.
PMS is often characterized by symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, headache, fatigue and tend to be emotional (read: Overcome STDs).
Tips on Facing Menstruation First for Young Women
After knowing the signs that occur before the menstruation, then you should do some preparation when the new menstrual cycle begins, including are as follows:
1. Prepare Bandages
The first period of menstruation can occur at any time with pre-existing symptoms and is very likely to occur when young women are in school.
Therefore the first preparation step that must be done is to prepare the pads for the purposes of menstruation.
For this purpose, it is advisable to prepare a high absorption bandage in anticipation to avoid penetrating if menstrual blood comes out a lot.
Also, make sure to bring back the pads for replacement so that you can immediately replace the pads if the volume of blood that comes out a lot.
2. Prepare Replace Clothing
If menstruation comes suddenly unnoticed causing blood stains on the skirt, it is important for a young woman to bring a change of clothes both underwear and skirt in anticipation if experiencing it.
Make sure also used underwear made of cotton that absorbs sweat so it is not moist and comfortable to use.
3. Do not panic
If it turns out menstruation comes suddenly and there are friends who tell you little blood stains on the skirt, then no need to panic with the reprimand.

Immediately to the bathroom and use a dressing and replace the skirt with a pre-prepared.
4. Limit Physical Activity
If menstruation comes for the first time, it should avoid physical activity or heavy exercise.
It is also important to compensate for adequate rest, multiply the foods with balanced nutrition and multiply consume enough water in order to avoid dehydration.
5. Keep the Organs Clean
Make sure to always replace the pads at least every 3-4 hours, especially when the menstrual blood that comes out is a lot.
And do not forget to wash the female organs the right way, with the direction from front to back and immediately dry in the same direction so as not to damp.
Those are some of the first menstrual tips for young women.