Choking Baby

Choking can be a frightening event especially when it occurs in infants who have started eating or who can already crawl and walk. In certain conditions choking can clog the airway in total so as to make cannot breathe and lead to death. Choking is a closed airway event due to an object that is… Read More Choking Baby


Breast pumping at work

      Being a working mother certainly has many consequences. One is about how to go to work but still be able to provide breast milk to our baby. It’s no easy matter. It takes hard work and great patience. There are many things that we must prepare other than mental of course. Bringing… Read More Breast pumping at work


First Menstruation

      Some time ago, our first daughter Nay complained of pain in her stomach. At that moment he just lay down holding his stomach. I was a bit worried but tried to calm down. While persuading her to be patient, I promised her to see the doctor this afternoon. Until daytime he went… Read More First Menstruation



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Baby Nay

This story is about baby Nay. A little baby with a big story accompanying her. December 8, 2005, was the beginning I felt there was something wrong with my pregnancy. I was 7 months pregnant. My body had a very high fever that had to be rushed to the hospital. The doctor who examined me… Read More Baby Nay