Tips for New Teacher

The choice of the teaching profession is something that most people value. Not just the attitude, the ability of a teacher is also a measure of the quality or not a teacher. For teachers who have faced many years with students, of course, will not face the problem again. But unlike the case with the new teacher who started his career. Here is a scenario that will repeatedly haunt a new teacher.
1. Class Chaos
Your students will hesitate to test you during your first year. If you do not make clear guidelines and expectations for them. If you take the time to plan the early stages of this difficult year, it will save you time and tackle frustrations for you and your students in the long run, as well as improve learning in the classroom.
Plan your students’ expectations carefully and set very specific guidelines and stick to your weapons, be consistent, and follow them with discipline. It will not be easy at first, but if you keep using it, the rewards will be invaluable to you and your students. As a first-year teacher, there will be days and nights without sleep as you will wonder if you are taking the right path. If you love to teach children, hang on there. Each year will be easier because you will gain new insights and experiences each year. Being a teacher is a difficult job. Do not try to do it yourself. The support system consists of family and co-workers Continue reading

life choices

This is the story of a disciple named MJ. A teenage boy who has a miserable life story. At least for me as his teacher.
That afternoon I was not normally called to the principal’s room. There must be an important issue to talk about. This turned out to be about my foster student problem.
He is MJ. A boy born in 2000. He has a beautiful mother and a caring father who has a great career. MJ grew into an abundant child of affection. And it makes him do well in school. Being the pride of his parents in all the lessons. Until that sad day comes. One day his father brought to the house of a woman with her baby. All she knew was that she was his father’s second wife. That means the baby is his half-sister. Day after day he saw the relationship father and his mother increasingly not harmonious. Her father often snarled at her mother with harsh words. What she understood, her mother was very depressed with the existence of the woman and the baby. Until one day her mother was rushed to the hospital. For MJ who was a child, his sadness can not hide it to anyone. No more attention from his mother’s father. There is no more abundant love. Everything was not fun for him. Until one day, her mother could no longer survive the burden of her life. Her mother who was lying weakly in the hospital was finally declared dead. MJ cried when her mother was buried. And he began to understand from now on there is no longer anyone he will call the mother. Nothing else will tidy his hair when he leaves for school. Nothing else will tell her before she falls asleep at night. Her mother has gone away for good.
Her father did not look too sad that day. Holding her hand, her father asked MJ to call her mother. MJ refuses, for her mother is gone. From that day on the house was hell for him. Her stepmother never paid attention to MJ. She is preoccupied with her baby child. Although live in a house, but they rarely greeted. MJ is no longer a happy child. His performance is declining. He is no longer the son of his father’s pride. Problem with the issue he did in school. All the teachers had been trying to remind him but MJ insisted. He is involved with the troubled children’s association. Many times he has dealings with the police. Until one day I was his teacher, invited him to tell stories in an empty classroom. There he cried. I let him until he was ready to tell. At least by crying the burden of his heart will be reduced. With puffy eyes, he told me all his feelings. How he hated his stepmother and especially his own father. But he can do nothing but try to get their attention, even in the wrong way. I tried to give her a choice. Continue to be a troubled child at risk of being excluded from school, or trying to become a new person. Being a tough boy does not care how heavy a burden life is and tries to be a pride for his dead mother. MJ was silent for a long time. I told him to go back to class. At least he should think that life is a lot of choices. Being a loser or being a meaningful person to someone else and himself.

Into a trash can

This is the story of the struggle. How to fight to educate someone who is not our own biological child. I work as a teacher in high school. The education system in my country requires students to study from 7 am to 4 pm. With the density of curriculum that students have to go through, make a lot of things happen. For students who have a good mentality, he will follow the whole lesson with excellent results. But, not so for students who are less ready with the pressure. They will tend to rebel against the rules that apply. What I will tell you this time is about students who are always trying to rebel.
Most students who do not want to follow school rules are those who depart from the family is not harmonious. Their parents divorced and left the child as a victim. Without enough attention from parents at home, they will look for some sort of escape outside the home. And when they get stuck in school, they will try to get out of the rules. They usually find the outside world that can satisfy their desires. The world may be related to drugs, free sex, and even criminality. Here as a teacher, I feel the full responsibility to be the savior of their future. I am trying to become a kind of trash can to accommodate all their problems. To get their hearts to be trusted is not an easy matter. I need to be able to prove that I can be their mother at school. Giving constant attention without boredom, and who certainly ignore the tired whack.
As one by one they approached me and asked me to listen to them, that was the moment of my triumph. Slowly but surely I will enter their world and try to share what they feel. Some children start their story with anger. Angry over the condition of their home. Divorced moms and dads require that they choose one. And since the baby, the children get the love of both. Of course, that’s a hard choice. When looking at people we love to hate each other, that’s the hardest time of their lives. No more smile of affection, attention, or protection from parents. The kids were out of control. They are missing the hottest place in the world. They no longer have happiness. Finally, they seek another world as a substitute. Some get the right escape, but many end up on the wrong path. Not infrequently I have to see them tell stories with tears in their eyes. With a stammer, they tried to open the burden of his heart to me. And with all the limitations I have, I can only give a hug of empathy. With all my heart, I finally had to share my concern with them. As I continued praying silently, my natural children would not experience the same thing with them.