life choices

This is the story of a disciple named MJ. A teenage boy who has a miserable life story. At least for me as his teacher.
That afternoon I was not normally called to the principal’s room. There must be an important issue to talk about. This turned out to be about my foster student problem.
He is MJ. A boy born in 2000. He has a beautiful mother and a caring father who has a great career. MJ grew into an abundant child of affection. And it makes him do well in school. Being the pride of his parents in all the lessons. Until that sad day comes. One day his father brought to the house of a woman with her baby. All she knew was that she was his father’s second wife. That means the baby is his half-sister. Day after day he saw the relationship father and his mother increasingly not harmonious. Her father often snarled at her mother with harsh words. What she understood, her mother was very depressed with the existence of the woman and the baby. Until one day her mother was rushed to the hospital. For MJ who was a child, his sadness can not hide it to anyone. No more attention from his mother’s father. There is no more abundant love. Everything was not fun for him. Until one day, her mother could no longer survive the burden of her life. Her mother who was lying weakly in the hospital was finally declared dead. MJ cried when her mother was buried. And he began to understand from now on there is no longer anyone he will call the mother. Nothing else will tidy his hair when he leaves for school. Nothing else will tell her before she falls asleep at night. Her mother has gone away for good.
Her father did not look too sad that day. Holding her hand, her father asked MJ to call her mother. MJ refuses, for her mother is gone. From that day on the house was hell for him. Her stepmother never paid attention to MJ. She is preoccupied with her baby child. Although live in a house, but they rarely greeted. MJ is no longer a happy child. His performance is declining. He is no longer the son of his father’s pride. Problem with the issue he did in school. All the teachers had been trying to remind him but MJ insisted. He is involved with the troubled children’s association. Many times he has dealings with the police. Until one day I was his teacher, invited him to tell stories in an empty classroom. There he cried. I let him until he was ready to tell. At least by crying the burden of his heart will be reduced. With puffy eyes, he told me all his feelings. How he hated his stepmother and especially his own father. But he can do nothing but try to get their attention, even in the wrong way. I tried to give her a choice. Continue to be a troubled child at risk of being excluded from school, or trying to become a new person. Being a tough boy does not care how heavy a burden life is and tries to be a pride for his dead mother. MJ was silent for a long time. I told him to go back to class. At least he should think that life is a lot of choices. Being a loser or being a meaningful person to someone else and himself.

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