How to Reduced Weight after Childbirth

In general, women will feel disturbed by their weight when pregnant. Most women get at least 7 pounds of fat during pregnancy. These fats are meant to help women save energy while breastfeeding. Weight loss after delivery will depend on several factors. Among them, genetics, diet, exercise or overall health. Most women will return to weight before becoming pregnant within nine months after delivery if they follow regular exercise programs and eat healthy after childbirth. But some are not. Every woman is different, and some women simply do not gain much weight during pregnancy. However, weight loss should be sought after pregnancy, not during pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman should strive to gain weight because it is healthy for the baby and her baby. It is important for a woman to make sure she has enough nutrition for herself and her child when she is pregnant.

Here are some ways you can do to reduce excess weight after giving birth

1. Give milk to the baby through your breasts as early as possible
This is a powerful way to lose weight after giving birth. While many consider it rather annoying especially for working moms, breastfeeding your child can bring many benefits to you and your child. Actually, it is recommended that you start early. There are extensive studies that reveal that women who fail to breastfeed feed their children gain more weight and have a faster rate of weight gain than those who breastfeed.

2. Not to Consume junk food
In addition, there is no benefit at all for your body and your baby, junk food will also make you gain weight increases. Transfer your food to vegetables and fruit. Consumption of fat and protein is also needed but not in large quantities. Vegetables and fruit will also increase your milk production. Surely it will also nourish your baby. Continue reading

How To Start Toilet Training To Infants

Having a child is an amazing experience. We will continue to be learned for the rest of our lives. One of the most important lessons in childhood is how to teach them to urinate or defecate in the right place. Our success in teaching him today will have a major impact on his habit until adulthood. We can not carelessly teach kids to urinate or defecate. Everything needs to learn.

Here are tips that can make it easier for parents to train their children about toilet training.

1. Identify the sign
We can not force the child to urinate in the toilet suddenly. Identify the sign when the child feels to pass water. See the expression on his face, his gestures, or for a child who can speak, he will say to his father or mother. We can recognize the sign of a child who will dispose of his anxious attitude, or the child suddenly silent after a lot of activity. Surely it takes time for parents to get used to these signs.

2. Adequate age
Never force toilet training on children who are not old enough. It can cause an accident or even trauma to a child. The ideal age for starting toilet training is 8 months to 2 years. At this age the child is able to show his expression, even some can already talk.

3. Learn by doing
Do not hesitate to invite your child to see how you waste water. Certainly in a good way. You still have to cover areas that children should not see. You just need to invite him to the restroom and let him see how you do it. The child is an excellent imitator, so do it with caution. Until one day you will be surprised when they imitate all your ways.

4. Not forcing
Forcing the child to toilet training will only leave a trauma for the child. He will feel the time to relieve is a painful time. You have to be very patient in this. Let him do it when he feels ready.

5. Habituation
It is easy to recognize when it is time for the child to relieve himself. Usually 2-3 hours once he will urinate. So every 2-3 hours we used to take him to the toilet. Let him take out his urine on the toilet floor. Little by little he will understand exactly where he should urinate.

6. Reduce the use of diapers
Gradually reduce the use of diapers in children. Let him feel the wet sensation in his pants. When he is annoyed, that’s the right time for you to train him. Currently, on the market, many diapers are sold that are designed for toilet training. Anada can start to try it too.

7. Hear the opinions of others
Any clever we as a parent, experience is the champion. That’s why we need to hear feedback from our mothers, in-laws or friends who have had toilet training for their children for years.

Hopefully with our success in training children for training toilet will bring good effect for the health and character of our children in the future,

Tips for New Teacher

The choice of the teaching profession is something that most people value. Not just the attitude, the ability of a teacher is also a measure of the quality or not a teacher. For teachers who have faced many years with students, of course, will not face the problem again. But unlike the case with the new teacher who started his career. Here is a scenario that will repeatedly haunt a new teacher.
1. Class Chaos
Your students will hesitate to test you during your first year. If you do not make clear guidelines and expectations for them. If you take the time to plan the early stages of this difficult year, it will save you time and tackle frustrations for you and your students in the long run, as well as improve learning in the classroom.
Plan your students’ expectations carefully and set very specific guidelines and stick to your weapons, be consistent, and follow them with discipline. It will not be easy at first, but if you keep using it, the rewards will be invaluable to you and your students. As a first-year teacher, there will be days and nights without sleep as you will wonder if you are taking the right path. If you love to teach children, hang on there. Each year will be easier because you will gain new insights and experiences each year. Being a teacher is a difficult job. Do not try to do it yourself. The support system consists of family and co-workers Continue reading

How to Remove Stretch marks

What are stretch marks?
Stretch marks are a very common problem, very common with pregnancy but can occur in many areas of the body. Tens of thousands of people have thick red scarring lines and greatly affect individual beliefs. Stretch marks are a sign that is caused by your skin due to excessive weight loss or weight gain in a short period of time. Stretch marks can begin to appear at the puberty stage. Whenever a person’s growth rate is higher than normal, the underlying tissue of the skin is stretched to a higher extent. This causes stretch marks on the body.

Although pregnancy is the most commonly associated factor in getting stretch marks, men are also at risk by undergoing exercise routines, bodybuilding, and also weight loss. The more you lose or gain weight, they can be there in your body. Most bodybuilders tend to get stretch marks on their bodies; This is due to the rapid growth of muscles associated with bodybuilding. Continue reading

Benefits of sunflower oil

Some time ago I got a gift from a friend. He gave a bottle of sunflower oil. At first, I was confused about its function. Then my friend gave us an explanation of its usefulness and usefulness. After hearing the explanation I immediately tried it on my cooking. Until now I have made sunflower oil as an additional staple in my cooking.
Sunflower oil is often used by many people even some people can not live without it. It is also very popular among restaurants and various food places. What makes this oil so special and popular that the chef uses it more often?

Sunflower oil is very popular because it is an affordable cooking oil that can be used every day. available in various container sizes including 375 ml bottles, 500 ml bottles, 750 bottles, 2-liter bottles, 5-liter bottles, 20-liter jerry cans, 200-liter drums, 1000 liter or flexitanks and 36000 liters. Generally, restaurants and food places order them in bulk to be kept as supplies for their customers.

When you use this herb every day, many benefits will you get. Sunflower oils include antifoam substances that prevent excessive foaming. This happens during cooking or frying.
Pure sunflower oil does not contain cholesterol. High unsaturated fat and low saturated fat. It is therefore preferred by many as it is a healthier solution.
Oil It has many uses. Among other things used for frying foods such as chips, fish, and chicken. You can use it to bake a variety of cakes, muffins, scones, and so on. This oil is ideal for baking potatoes, chicken and vegetables in the oven as it gives a beautiful golden glow. Furthermore, it can be used in salads as a salad dressing.
This type of oil has a long shelf life when stored in the right conditions because it contains antioxidants that increase the age of oil.
Sunflower oil is a pure oil free from minerals and adds foreign organic acids because of its color three times and is extracted from sunflower seeds. Additionally additive and allergen free. Sunflower oil undergoes a rigorous quality control process to ensure food consumption is acceptable.

Sunflower oil is very beneficial for health so they are approved by the Foundation of Heart and Stroke. Make sure you check the label for this approval. From now on, sunflower oil is the right choice for a healthier life