Ten Signs of Good Nutritious Children

The child is an investment in Human Resources that require special attention to the adequacy of its nutritional status from birth, ever since in the womb. That’s why the nutrients from food are the main sources to meet the needs of children to grow optimally so that they can achieve a healthy health, physical, mental and social health.
Various nutrients are associated with nutritional status and overall health of the baby ranging from general appearance, weight, and height to physical signs, motoric, functional, emotional and cognitive children.
The umu sign of the child is well nourished
1. Growing age, getting weight, getting higher
2. Strong posture and solid muscles
3. The hair is shiny and strong
4. Skin and nails clean and not pale
5. A cheerful face, clear eyes and fresh lips
6. Clean teeth and pink gums
7. Good appetite and regular bowel movements
8. Move actively and speak lancer according to age
9. Pay attention and react actively
10. Sleep well.
These ten general signs are supported by adequate intake of macronutrients, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin D, iodine, and zinc.

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