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How To Protruding The Bloated Stomach With Natural Materials

5 How To Protruding The Bloated Stomach With Natural Materials
Here are some ingredients that can be used as a way to shrink the stomach naturally and quickly for women:
1. Green Tea
This green tea has been used for a long time as a traditional medicine. Now, this tea is used to shrink the belly. Before drinking this tea, use hot water and wait until the water is slightly warm. After that drink before eating but make sure if the tea you make does not use sugar as a sweetener because it will thwart this way.
Green tea has a high enough antioxidant content that can prevent cancer and eliminate cholesterol or bad olive oil in the body, including the stomach. The purpose of drinking tea before eating is to provide a sense of fullness before eating so that with a little eating we already feel full. In addition, this tea can facilitate metabolism including fat so that fat will not accumulate in the stomach.
2. Tamarind Acid Herbs
Herbal medicine is one of the traditional medicine to shrink the distended stomach so-called easy way to shrink the stomach naturally and quickly. When we listen to the word herbal medicine then the thought is a bitter taste of herbal medicine. Though not all herbs have a bitter taste, such as herbal acid and kencur.
How to make this herb is easy enough that by preparing turmeric ¼ kg, Javanese acid 1/2, ¼ Javanese sugar, 2 liters of water and salt a teaspoon. The first step we can do is to clean the turmeric then puree turmeric with grated or blender. After that filter the turmeric water and then boil it with other ingredients that have not been used. Wait until the boiling and herbal turmeric acid have been so.
3. Lime & Tea
Although green tea can shrink the stomach, it will be more effective if added lime. The addition of lime can make the mind calmer when drinking it. In addition, a mixture of lime and green tea is very effective to shrink the stomach that bulge without exercise though.
How to make it very easy. Wash the tea and wait until it is cold then add the lime juice to the tea. Do not put lemon juice when the tea water is still hot because it will damage vitamins from oranges. Pour the herb into a glass. But just drink half of the glass and drink another half in the afternoon.
4. Fruit Herbs
Each fruit has different nutritional content. All these nutrients are very good for the health of the body. A mixture of some of these fruits is a traditional recipe that has been used for a long time as a way to shrink the stomach bloated naturally and quickly the results.
The fruits that need to be prepared are papaya fruit, mangosteen fruit, rambutan root, fruit langsat, pomegranate, reed, and water sufficiently. First, clean all the ingredients and boil them in water in a particular pot or container. Wait until it boils then strain the water until no dirt comes along. After that, you can drink it regularly to get maximum results.
5. Ginger and Honey
Who knows the benefits of honey. Honey has millions of benefits, whether for beauty or health. Honey has a fructose content that serves to burn fat on the stomach so it is suitable for use as a way to shrink the distended abdomen. Especially when honey is combined with ginger. As we know, ginger is one of the plants that have many benefits for health.
The content in ginger is used to suppress the appetite so that we do not feel hungry easily. How to manufacture is with 3 tablespoons honey and ginger feeling as much as 2 tbsp. Combine the two ingredients in a bowl and add enough water to drink. Do this routinely about 2 times a day, ie morning and evening.
In addition to using the above ingredients, how to shrink the stomach with exercise also includes the safest way as long as we are within a reasonable time in doing so.

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