Choking Baby

Choking can be a frightening event especially when it occurs in infants who have started eating or who can already crawl and walk. In certain conditions choking can clog the airway in total so as to make cannot breathe and lead to death. Choking is a closed airway event due to an object that is involved in the throat. In that condition, the child cannot breathe or make any noise. Over time his face will be reddish to bluish because the inhaled oxygen is reduced.
Generally, choking children are caused by food. The basic steps you can take to avoid a child from choking are:
– Pay attention to the child while eating and playing.
– Children should be in a sitting position while eating
– Avoid risky foods. The American Academy of Pediatrics in the journal “Choking: Common dangers for Children” mentions that children under 4 years should not be introduced to some food. Among them are hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn, chewing gum, peanut butter, raisins, meat pieces in large size and less tender, and cheese
– Do not rush while eating. Cut the child’s food in small size, then remind the child to chew the food he eats well.
– Keep harmful toys, and household furniture can be inserted or stuck in the throat.
– Learn basic first aid techniques in choking children
Step handling
The steps you can take when the child is alerted to Heilmich Maneuver is a known action that can help a person who is choking.
– Lay the baby face down and your fingers holding it against the shoulders and neck of the baby, with the left forearm as the foundation.
– Give five times a pat on the back with the other. If this fails, turn it over so that its face is facing you, then with two fingers, press five times on the lower breastbone, about one finger from the line formed by both baby’s nipples
– Check your mouth and grab everything you can see
– Ualngi these steps if necessary
– If the baby is unconscious, start resuscitation and take it to the hospital immediately

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