Overcoming diaper rash in baby


Last week I took baby fa to the mall. Due to feeling bored silence at home continues, while the holiday is still long.

This is the first time baby fa go to the mall without father and sister. Before leaving I prepared all his belongings. Although a little nervous, I feel very happy. By using a casual shirt, I was holding baby fa and I did not bring a stroller. she enthusiastically once i took her out of the house.
I took a leisurely stroll from one shop to another in the mall. There’s really nothing I’ll buy. I just want to look around. But the final intention is only intentions. Only four of the stores I have entered have two bags of groceries.
All went well when baby fa fell asleep in my arms. But then when he woke up, he began to whine. Eventually, he cried loudly. Half panic, I took her to a special nursing room. I put him in a sleeping position there. Then I opened the diaper. And to my surprise, there are many red rashes around his crotch. That seemed to make him uncomfortable. Having never experienced anything like this, I am confused what to do.
Until then a friend told me about the diaper rash suffered by baby fa.
Here are recommended ways and I have tried on baby fa.
5 Ways to Overcome and Treat Baby Diaper Rash
1. Make sure the cleanliness of the diaper area.

Make sure to be clean of baby’s urine, stool (feces, dirt) and bacteria. Keep the parts affected by dry diaper rash, clean because if moist especially wet, the bacteria spread very quickly and diaper rash worse. If your baby takes out urine or dirt and you should immediately replace with a new diaper, try to clean urine and dirt with running water, do not rub the baby’s skin while cleaning the baby’s feces because it can cause the affected part of the rash more severe. Simply patted gently and gently, dried by gently tapping the affected skin with a soft cloth and make sure it is dry. Put a new diaper on first aired about 2 minutes.

2. Avoid using diapers of disposable diapers.
Use only if urgent and indispensable as traveling long distances, and try at home without diapers to get rash skin has space, drying, and blood flow to help speed the rash heal.
3. Change the brand of diapers
Change the type of diaper that is not good for baby’s skin. Try to use diapers made from soft without coloring and without other substances. Possible baby skin sensitive, easily irritated and allergic to certain types of diapers.


4. Use baby diaper rash ointment.
Lots of ointments and reams for special baby diaper rashes like Baby-dee, Myco-Z, Pigeon Baby Cream, Bepanthen, Switzal, Sebamed at the nearest pharmacy. Can also use wasp oil, heirloom jar ointment, coconut oil, virgin oil and olive oil.

5. Use Plain Yoghurt.
Plain Yoghurt contains acidophilus that is resistant to yeast infection and applies it to the area around the rash.

How To Quickly Eliminate Diaper Rash In Infants
If the rash does not heal after given the drug as above, then you can give the following treatment alternatives:

Use Oatmeal while bathing the baby. The way of mixing the Oatmeal


powder into the bath water, then baby bathing in it. The drug will effectively work against the baby’s rash.
Use Lavender oil, sandalwood oil, and Peppermint oil to be explained in the baby’s blisters.
Use aloe vera, use aloe vera gel and apply directly to the baby’s rash.
If the diaper rash gets worse, the rash spreads to the


arms, neck and other parts of the baby’s body and shows symptoms of blisters, spots and festering, then the parents should bring to the doctor. Usually, doctors will prescribe antifungal ointments that contain Clotrimazole and Fungiderm substances that function to combat fungus.

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