Vitamin C and zinc as antibody formers

Until today people think vitamin c only works to strengthen the immune system. Though not only that can be done by vitamin C, in addition to functioning as antibodies were also able to form collagen, strengthen muscle cells, healthy blood vessel cells, skin to the bone though.
Similarly, with zinc, minerals that are still getting less attention from the general public, in general, this turned out to have a very large function of the body. In general, in a healthy human body, there are approximately 2 grams of zinc minerals that have a large enough share to produce more than 200 kinds of enzymes in the body that have the potential to strengthen the human immune system.
Because both are working against strengthening the body’s resistance, it’s good if we consume vitamin c accompanied by zinc minerals, so that the results achieved can reach the maximum stage. Try to imagine if vitamin C is believed to ward off all kinds of free radicals so that it can repair the damaged cells in the body should be duet with zinc who also believe in healthy skin, sharpen the sense of taste and smell, and able to keep your sexual organs healthy, what benefits do you get?
In a study involving volunteers, vitamin C was combined with zinc in shellfish, beef, beef liver, mutton, crab meat, grains, tempeh and taoco, and was able to heal influenza attacks faster.
So from now on in this very swift flow of life, start to notice your immunity, along with the increased burden of life and pollution, it is feared will make many of your body’s cells damaged.
Eat high doses of vitamin c as recommended between 100 and 1000 mg daily plus zinc minus 12 mg for women and 15 mg for men, believed to hold free radicals and create good enough antibodies for your body, regularly, and rest when tired so that your stamina is well preserved and the performance of your body cells is well preserved.yv

Ten Signs of Good Nutritious Children

The child is an investment in Human Resources that require special attention to the adequacy of its nutritional status from birth, ever since in the womb. That’s why the nutrients from food are the main sources to meet the needs of children to grow optimally so that they can achieve a healthy health, physical, mental and social health.
Various nutrients are associated with nutritional status and overall health of the baby ranging from general appearance, weight, and height to physical signs, motoric, functional, emotional and cognitive children.
The umu sign of the child is well nourished
1. Growing age, getting weight, getting higher
2. Strong posture and solid muscles
3. The hair is shiny and strong
4. Skin and nails clean and not pale
5. A cheerful face, clear eyes and fresh lips
6. Clean teeth and pink gums
7. Good appetite and regular bowel movements
8. Move actively and speak lancer according to age
9. Pay attention and react actively
10. Sleep well.
These ten general signs are supported by adequate intake of macronutrients, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin D, iodine, and zinc.

Better Healthy for Busy Woman

The more you are busy on the job, the demands of work, children, and personal needs, the more difficult it is to find time to pay attention to what you eat. Yet from the food, you get the energy and power to ward off disease.
Here are tips for healthy living for busy women.
1. In the morning, you can drink orange juice with extra calcium. Calcium content can relieve high blood pressure and osteoporosis. Or can be added to multivitamins that have high enough benefits. Those who consume minerals supplements or multivitamins regularly every day have a lower risk of heart attack or cancer.
2. Breakfast with cereal. That means that you get a lot of fiber content even though eating in small portions. Placing enough water before leaving for work is great for extra minerals in the body. Mineral deficiency causes you to tire easily, lack concentration and headaches.
3. Bring a fresh apple. Apples can replace snacks as healthy snacks rather than having a snack on the street carelessly.
4. Lunch at the office. You can bring lunch for lunch in a well-prepared office from home. But if you want fast food, try to choose pizza. With a record, multiple tomato sauces and reduce cheese. Tomato sauce made from fresh tomatoes is believed to reduce the risk of cancer.
5. Homework, if you are stuck in traffic when you feel hungry, you can stop by the nearest supermarket or restaurant. Order some foods that can give you extra energy to go home. You can choose to buy whole wheat bread. Choose a “whole wheat bread”. This bread contains lots of fiber. You can also order desserts such as blueberries, strawberries that are rich in fiber and antioxidants.
6. Before bedtime. You can close the day by consuming non-fat hot chocolate. Because chocolate contains antioxidants higher than the. After you brush your teeth, drink back the white water to neutralize the food you have consumed today.

How to improve your child’s intelligence


1. Direct the good emotions in the child
According to Ross Flom, a professor of psychology and neurology at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, developing children’s emotional intelligence is an important thing to do.
It is important for the child’s cognitive and social development. Parents should help her learn to read good emotional cues.
For example, when a child is playing, then accidentally there is another child who bumps into it.
Then the parents should immediately respond to the incident. Like saying to the Child: “Sorry, dear, your friend is not intentional.Come on, tell him if you’re okay.”
So parents need to help the child to understand that it is an accident, so he does not need anger and resentment to the child who accidentally hit him. Children also begin to be trained to identify the events that exist.
As for, if the child thinks that the incident was deliberate so vengeful to his friend. So this is not good because it makes the child will tend to grow with poor academic, social, and cognitive abilities.
Teach positive emotions in children, this will spur the child’s intelligence. The child will have a good emotional intelligence, which is very important in social interaction until he is a god.

2. Always provide breakfast to children
Research conducted at Ulm University, Germany, found the result that students who start the day with breakfast, have a sharper memory and more vigilant compared with students who do not breakfast.
A study in the UK found that a breakfast that provides complex carbohydrate intake helps children maintain their mental performance. So the child has a good ability inattention, thought, and memory.
You can give your child a healthy breakfast, such as fruit, oat cereal, low-fat milk, or protein-rich foods such as eggs and nuts.
Children who regularly eat breakfast can improve memory and concentration while studying in school.
Glucose contained in the food consumed at breakfast, beneficial to the child’s memory mechanism.

3. Praise the child in the right way
Research shows that children will work harder, and they will be encouraged to do something better when children get credit for their efforts. Especially the most influential is the praise of his parents.
Praise in question, which is to praise their efforts, not to praise their intelligence.
For that, instead of saying, “Uh, my mother’s daughter is so clever,” … So it’s better to say, “Wow, you must work very hard, yes, to get this result.”
This can foster a growth mindset in children, the belief that he can do more … which he will be sure will benefit from what he did.

4. Give children stimulation according to age and condition
All parents want their child’s development optimally. However, not a few parents get stuck into a hurried parent, which impressed in a hurry to provide stimulation for children.
This is explained by Indri Savitri, Psi., M.Psi., Counseling & Education Manager of the Institute of Applied Psychology University of Indonesia (LPTUI).
In order not to happen “hurried parents”, make sure the child first has been able to independence, the ability to communicate the child is good, and children feel comfortable and safe.
A simple example in toddlers, when taught read at age 2, 3, 4 years, actually at that age, teaching children only need to process the introduction, no need to expect the child has mastered completely at that age …
… later, at the mature age of 5 years, the child can be easier to read well.
Parents also need to give children space to develop their child talents. If you are not sure about your child’s talent, invite the child to join the various activities he/she wants …
… or it could be by experimenting with various courses (to find a match with the child).
A talented child in a field will look very enthusiastic when following the activities that become his talent.
After that, parents need to make sure the child enjoys activities related to the development of his talent.

5. Meet the needs of love in children
A psychologist explains that kisses, hugs, and caresses are of great value to the child. With a child feeling deeply appreciated by his or her parents, it will drive him to do something positive.

Crying done by the child is one way to get attention. If the needs of love and love affection on the child has been met, then the child is not easy to cry.

For that, parents should pay attention to the child’s mood. Mood greatly affects the spirit of children’s learning.

Overcoming diaper rash in baby


Last week I took baby fa to the mall. Due to feeling bored silence at home continues, while the holiday is still long.

This is the first time baby fa go to the mall without father and sister. Before leaving I prepared all his belongings. Although a little nervous, I feel very happy. By using a casual shirt, I was holding baby fa and I did not bring a stroller. she enthusiastically once i took her out of the house.
I took a leisurely stroll from one shop to another in the mall. There’s really nothing I’ll buy. I just want to look around. But the final intention is only intentions. Only four of the stores I have entered have two bags of groceries.
All went well when baby fa fell asleep in my arms. But then when he woke up, he began to whine. Eventually, he cried loudly. Half panic, I took her to a special nursing room. I put him in a sleeping position there. Then I opened the diaper. And to my surprise, there are many red rashes around his crotch. That seemed to make him uncomfortable. Having never experienced anything like this, I am confused what to do.
Until then a friend told me about the diaper rash suffered by baby fa.
Here are recommended ways and I have tried on baby fa.
5 Ways to Overcome and Treat Baby Diaper Rash
1. Make sure the cleanliness of the diaper area.

Make sure to be clean of baby’s urine, stool (feces, dirt) and bacteria. Keep the parts affected by dry diaper rash, clean because if moist especially wet, the bacteria spread very quickly and diaper rash worse. If your baby takes out urine or dirt and you should immediately replace with a new diaper, try to clean urine and dirt with running water, do not rub the baby’s skin while cleaning the baby’s feces because it can cause the affected part of the rash more severe. Simply patted gently and gently, dried by gently tapping the affected skin with a soft cloth and make sure it is dry. Put a new diaper on first aired about 2 minutes.

2. Avoid using diapers of disposable diapers.
Use only if urgent and indispensable as traveling long distances, and try at home without diapers to get rash skin has space, drying, and blood flow to help speed the rash heal.
3. Change the brand of diapers
Change the type of diaper that is not good for baby’s skin. Try to use diapers made from soft without coloring and without other substances. Possible baby skin sensitive, easily irritated and allergic to certain types of diapers.


4. Use baby diaper rash ointment.
Lots of ointments and reams for special baby diaper rashes like Baby-dee, Myco-Z, Pigeon Baby Cream, Bepanthen, Switzal, Sebamed at the nearest pharmacy. Can also use wasp oil, heirloom jar ointment, coconut oil, virgin oil and olive oil.

5. Use Plain Yoghurt.
Plain Yoghurt contains acidophilus that is resistant to yeast infection and applies it to the area around the rash.

How To Quickly Eliminate Diaper Rash In Infants
If the rash does not heal after given the drug as above, then you can give the following treatment alternatives:

Use Oatmeal while bathing the baby. The way of mixing the Oatmeal


powder into the bath water, then baby bathing in it. The drug will effectively work against the baby’s rash.
Use Lavender oil, sandalwood oil, and Peppermint oil to be explained in the baby’s blisters.
Use aloe vera, use aloe vera gel and apply directly to the baby’s rash.
If the diaper rash gets worse, the rash spreads to the


arms, neck and other parts of the baby’s body and shows symptoms of blisters, spots and festering, then the parents should bring to the doctor. Usually, doctors will prescribe antifungal ointments that contain Clotrimazole and Fungiderm substances that function to combat fungus.