Breast pumping at work

Being a working mother certainly has many consequences. One is about how to go to work but still be able to provide breast milk to our baby. It’s no easy matter. It takes hard work and great patience. There are many things that we must prepare other than mental of course. Bringing milk pumping equipment is one way to solve the problem. Here are the things to watch out for to prepare.
First, the equipment consists of:
– Milk pump
– Plastic or bottle to store milk
– Ice in gel form
– Special bags that can withstand cold or heat
– Tissues
– Hand or antiseptic cleansing fluid
Second, how to pump breast milk
– Find a clean and closed place
– Wash hands thoroughly beforehand
– Take a relaxed position
– Put the pump on the breast properly
– Start pumping slowly but surely
– Imagine our cute baby’s face, it can make our milk come out swiftly.
Third, keep our pump results correctly
-know the milk in a special plastic
Close tightly
– If stored in a special bag along with ice gel, milk can last about 7 hours
– Immediately enter into our refrigerator freezer when it is home
Finally, how to provide breast milk that has been frozen in infants
– Put the frozen milk at room temperature
– We can use the microwave to warm up
– We can also soak it in hot water until the milk melts.
– Immediately give milk that has melted on the baby
By always pumping breast milk, we can calm down in working without having to worry about the baby we live at home. However, the provision of breast milk is very important for the baby’s growth and growth of intelligence. In addition to patients, mothers also need support from the work environment. A good working environment definitely provides an adequate place for nursing mothers.

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