Baby Nay

This story is about baby Nay. A little baby with a big story accompanying her. December 8, 2005, was the beginning I felt there was something wrong with my pregnancy. I was 7 months pregnant. My body had a very high fever that had to be rushed to the hospital. The doctor who examined me gave no sign whatsoever about my blood. I was just sentenced to sick typhus and had to be hospitalized. When I can not think anything. All I know is my whole body hurts. Intravenous fluid was put through my hands. It feels very uncomfortable.
In the morning at 6 o’clock, a lot of fluid came out through my vagina. Ah … this is what is called amniotic water. I can not stop it. The liquid came out swiftly. Not long after, I felt a tremendous heartburn on my stomach. The nurse took me straight to the delivery room. All my energy is consumed by the pain that is felt. Running time is very slow. But the pain was even more pronounced to make my lips tremble great. The world feels like a somersault. Everything feels wrong. Irresistible irritability plus my higher body fever. Occasionally doctors check me and just smile while saying, “be patient … survive”. And at that moment I wanted to scream as hard as I could. It felt like there were dozens of razors that slashed my body.
Until 12 noon, I’m not strong anymore. I finally gave up. I decided for a C-section. My husband agreed because he felt very worry to see my condition. When the entire medical team set up an operation for me, that’s when I felt a very strong impulse from inside my stomach. Unconsciously I was straining with all my might. There is something slippery sliding through my vagina. The nurse next to me was surprised to see my baby get out quickly. She immediately took hold of my baby (I guess something was indeed my baby). Then after cutting the placenta strap, he showed me a glimpse of the tiny baby who was not crying in front of my face. Yes, my baby did not make a crying sound and it was very worrying. Before I could see it clearly, my baby was immediately put into a sterile room and put in an incubator. There is something that makes me sad and feels very anxious. Why were the nurses tense but did not say anything to me.
After being transferred to the treatment room, I kept crying. I do not care about the wound ripping on my vagina. All I think about is my baby. During the night I cried because I was not allowed to see it. Until the very next morning, my husband took me in a wheelchair to the nursery. I did not enter the room. But when I was shown my baby through a large glass window, I burst into tears. I watched myself a very small baby weighing just 1.6 kg in front of me with lots of hoses on his body even in his nostrils. My baby is surviving. He is struggling. The beautiful baby born prematurely we named Nay. Mom loves you wholeheartedly. Strive to say, mother’s prayer is with you.
And today exactly Nay baby turned into a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart too. 12 years old is now, and the mother remains and will always say to you, Nay.

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