Into a trash can

This is the story of the struggle. How to fight to educate someone who is not our own biological child. I work as a teacher in high school. The education system in my country requires students to study from 7 am to 4 pm. With the density of curriculum that students have to go through, make a lot of things happen. For students who have a good mentality, he will follow the whole lesson with excellent results. But, not so for students who are less ready with the pressure. They will tend to rebel against the rules that apply. What I will tell you this time is about students who are always trying to rebel.
Most students who do not want to follow school rules are those who depart from the family is not harmonious. Their parents divorced and left the child as a victim. Without enough attention from parents at home, they will look for some sort of escape outside the home. And when they get stuck in school, they will try to get out of the rules. They usually find the outside world that can satisfy their desires. The world may be related to drugs, free sex, and even criminality. Here as a teacher, I feel the full responsibility to be the savior of their future. I am trying to become a kind of trash can to accommodate all their problems. To get their hearts to be trusted is not an easy matter. I need to be able to prove that I can be their mother at school. Giving constant attention without boredom, and who certainly ignore the tired whack.
As one by one they approached me and asked me to listen to them, that was the moment of my triumph. Slowly but surely I will enter their world and try to share what they feel. Some children start their story with anger. Angry over the condition of their home. Divorced moms and dads require that they choose one. And since the baby, the children get the love of both. Of course, that’s a hard choice. When looking at people we love to hate each other, that’s the hardest time of their lives. No more smile of affection, attention, or protection from parents. The kids were out of control. They are missing the hottest place in the world. They no longer have happiness. Finally, they seek another world as a substitute. Some get the right escape, but many end up on the wrong path. Not infrequently I have to see them tell stories with tears in their eyes. With a stammer, they tried to open the burden of his heart to me. And with all the limitations I have, I can only give a hug of empathy. With all my heart, I finally had to share my concern with them. As I continued praying silently, my natural children would not experience the same thing with them.

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