How to Remove Fishy Odor on Fish

Fish is a delicious food and has many benefits. Some types of fish have a distinctive aroma. In order not to interfere with the smell of our meal then the fish preparations should be eaten while still hot. For Japanese people, they just enjoy the dish of fish when eaten in a raw state. Of course with certain sauce added. Occasionally fish cooked by steaming or team process, flavorful fish. Actually, to produce a delicious dish of steamed fish, in addition to depending on the type of fish used, also depends on how to process and steam it.
Here’s how to process a good fish.
– choose fresh fish, the type can be pomfret, snapper, or grouper. In addition to thick meat, it was tasty. Note the shape and structure of the fish. The shape is intact, the scales are not damaged, the stomach is not soft. Press the meat section, should feel solid, clear eyes and reddish gills.
– clean the fish, discard the contents of the stomach, scales, and gills. Make sure there is no mucus throughout the fish body
– Coat fish with lemon or lime juice. Add ginger and spring onions.
– If you like, season with a little taosi (a kind of tauco made from black soybeans).
– Put the fish in a heat-resistant dish and steam for 30 minutes until the fish is cooked and the spices soak.



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