about my mom

This story is about a woman. A great woman who keeps love all her life. He was born into a simple family with 12 children. With the number of children that much, he who is the third child certainly does not get adequate facilities. The days he spent with lots of sharing. Sharing food, bedding, and of course very little pocket money. All he went through with great joy.

Until then he married, he has 3 daughters. His life is better than the past. The husband is willing to work hard to support his family and his daughters who are always devoted to him. Even so, he still lost far in his association. When his friends can change branded bags up to 5 times a year, he was quite satisfied just wearing a cheap bag without a change for a year. When his friends raced to buy shoes with famous brands and exorbitant prices, he was quite heartened simple shoes that he would not replace if not hollow or torn.

All he lived with love. Love to husband, and love to his daughter. In order to meet the needs of families, this mighty woman willing to live a simple life even able to live. She saved her little income money for her daughter’s school to a high level. He was willing to withstand the pain without adequate medical attention, to see his daughter wearing new clothes. He is also willing to withstand hunger for no lunch to raise money to buy new shoes for his three daughters.

Her smile broke beautifully when she saw her three daughters finish school to a high level she’d been wanting to. His happiness abounded at his daughter’s smile. Until one day the happiness is complete already when his last daughter married. One by one his daughter married had children and left home. Now in his old age, he no longer saw his daughter whining for money. He no longer had to endure hunger for his children. He no longer wraps a snack with a tissue for his daughter. All had left her and her husband. They follow their new family. Only the empty rooms he often stares at every night. Hoping there were his daughters shouting for attention. Wish there was a cry when they quarreled. However, only the empty room he found.

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