How to Freeze the Cake

Baking cakes is a favorite activity during the holiday season. Children will feel great when they see their mother in the kitchen to bake a cake. The fragrant smell of baked cookies will fill the whole house, adding to the warmth of the family. But unfortunately, as a mother who works outdoors, I can not spend every day in the kitchen. For that, then I must be good at setting the menu at home. One of the menus that should always be there in my house is the cake. Kids prefer cookies that I make myself rather than the cakes I buy at the bakery. To meet the wishes of children usually on holidays I make cakes at once in large quantities. Then, the pastries I put in the freezer. Here I share tips for storing cakes in the freezer so that it does not change.
Make sure your cake is really cold before preparing it for storage or freezing. Purchase your storage materials and containers well in advance. I have used cans, coffee cans, jars, plastic containers with screws, and plastic containers with snap sides. Wash all the containers with soapy hot water before using them.
The purpose of storage is to keep moisture out of them. Use the strongest container of air you can find, such as a plastic box with a side snap or a special jar. Most of the frozen pie pastries are excellent and can be kept frozen for up to 4 or 6 weeks. The most important thing to remember is that the dough will absorb the strange odor that is in your freezer if it is not wrapped and sealed properly. To prevent odor creeping into the dough, and also preventing the freezer burner, wrap the dough to taste twice. Also, make sure that the dough is placed away from fish or other strong smelling stuff in the freezer. Oxygen is the main cause of freezer burning. If you have to decide to put the dough into a freezer bag instead of wrapping it in plastic wrap then follow the tip: when closing the bag, leave the ΒΌ inch slit in one corner. Enter the drinking straw, remove all excess air into the bag, then close the meeting.
Almost all types of cakes will freeze well and can last up to 1 year from the time you bake it. Make sure the cake is wrapped well in wax paper, plastic wrap or foil. Wrap it separately to make it last longer, hold the shape better and keep the taste and texture. When storing or freezing the dough or baked pastry, do not forget to write down the date and type of cake on the packaging.
Using Frozen Cake
Open the cake carefully and let them thaw completely and get to room temperature before serving. You can also turn it on with a microwave for about 20-30 seconds.

By making careful preparation, we will have plenty of free time and of course, the supply of cakes in the freezer will be more than enough to enliven the atmosphere of the house.

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